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Learning is fun when it is a game, so let’s game the heck out of revising with the ‘Twilight English’ app.

“How does it work?”

- The app is a perfect companion to your revision, allowing you, your family, and your school to identify areas of strength or weakness so that further revision can be targeted, and correct knowledge can be reinforced.

- Choose a topic, find a revision module, get asked a series of questions and answer them correctly. It's that simple (no really!)

“Sounds good, but what’s so special about this app?”

- Revision modules across the GCSE English Literature syllabus including 75 poems, 5 novels, and 2 Shakespeare plays

- Over 1800 GCSE relevant questions

- Receive points for module success and track your total points

- Leaderboards allow you to compete against your peers. There's not much more fun than beating your classmates at English Literature (well, perhaps there is…)

- Share your progress with your close friends

- Allow some awesome science to help you remember for longer

“What is this science you speak of?”

Over time you'll forget some knowledge, that's only human right. The app will force you to spread your revision over a longer period of time.

The app uses something funky called ‘Spaced Repetition’ to achieve this. Each time you pass a module you will move up a level on that module. You will then have to wait a period of time before you can attempt the next level for that module. This will help you retain knowledge and check that you have stored it for the long term. The more times you do a module the more points you'll get, which means you can really show your friends how awesome you are.

“Anything else?”

- Customise your avatar so that your friends know you are a revision ninja!

- Free modules on homophones, spellings and punctuation

- More modules being added all the time

“Sounds great, give me a final bit of motivation….”

Your score is currently 0, that's terrible and not going to get you the respect you deserve from your peers. We need to sort this out now, so get downloading!
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