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Are you looking for a reliable video volume booster to boost the volume of videos and movies?
Do you need an mp3 amplifier to enhance your music listening experience?
Additionally, do you require a volume equalizer booster to enhance just the bass?

Then get this speaker and headphones volume booster app which is one of the loudest sound amplifiers for android with an in-built audio equalizer to customize your music listening experience.

Many mp3 songs, videos, and movies may naturally have lower volumes than expected. Often the max sound of your android device is not enough to fully enjoy the entertainment. Especially if you are in loud environments. Here is where our maximum volume booster can be of extreme help.

Just open the headphone volume booster app and then pick the volume booster feature and navigate the sound booster bar to the percentage of your preference. It’s finally time to go further and listen to your favorite tracks in the loudest way possible.

Besides being a handy sound enhancer and loud speaker booster, this android app also features a volume equalizer. Just pick the sound booster equalizer option, and control multiple bands, as well as the bass. Use the bass booster whenever you want to enhance the bass while at a party when driving your car when your phone is connected via aux cable, and more!

Unlike most bass booster apps, our super volume booster was specifically refined to work with most Android smartphones. Just download the speaker booster pro app and take your phone’s volume on a higher level instantly!

- max volume booster.
- sound amplifier percentage bar.
- drag controls.
- sound booster equalizer.
- works with most android smartphones and tablets.
- works with music mp3 songs and videos.
- enhances the sound output to the phone’s speakers, headphones, aux cables (cars, speakers, sound systems).
- simple UI and completely free app.

The next time you want to experience louder music volume, try our free equalizer sound booster.
From version Headphones Volume Booster – Max Sound & Equalizer 2.3:

All bugs fixed
Premium version without ads available
works in background without control panel displaying
doesn't cut the sound anymore

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