Discover exercises, workouts and plans that fit your goals. With over 300 workouts and over 40 plans from a variety of creators, what are we hitting first?

The Gymshark Training App brings a new world of training to life.

High quality training should be accessible to everyone, which is why the Gymshark Training App is now available for all. With Gymshark’s workout app, you can follow & plan your workouts, track your progress & unlock your full potential, whether you’re training at the gym or at home.

Now you can access all areas of the Gymshark Training App, there really are no excuses.

** If you’re unable to get to the gym - take on one of our athlete or trainer curated home workouts & stay healthy & active from the comfort of your living room. **

Ross Edgley:
“I love helping to motivate people to achieve their goals & often get asked about training for epic challenges. For me, the Gymshark Training App is the perfect place to be able to share some of my top training tips & favourite workouts - where I know they'll help to motivate people who will put them to good use!”


Explore & browse the world’s largest library of workouts; follow curated workouts and plans, from a range of Gymshark Athletes and Trainers. Created directly from our community, you can find a workout that works for you - wherever you are on your fitness journey. Trust that no matter where you are, there’s always more to try.

Train with workouts that follow structured sets and reps, time-based workouts - or both. The only question is are you up to the challenge? From gym, HIIT and home workouts - Gymshark have put all their experience & expertise into curated, easy-to-follow workouts & plans. All you need to worry about is which one to try first.

Whitney Simmons:
“Working out is key to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Empower yourself to feel happy & strong with my 5-day full body burner workout plans. I picked these ones for the Gymshark Training App because they make me feel so good on the inside & out – & I think they’ll be great for you too.”

The Gymshark Training App puts your entire workout history in one place, meaning you can track your progress effortlessly, hit your Personal Bests (PBs) & keep focused on your fitness goals. Our new progress log & workout tracking mean it’s time to set some new workout goals.

Create your own custom workout plans. Your exercises; your sets; your reps. Put yourself in charge of your training with workouts & plans created by you; suitable for every step of your fitness journey. Use Gymshark’s extensive exercise library as a workout planner to create a personalised home or gym workout routine, specific to muscle groups or exercise types that fit your workout goals, fitness level & lifestyle.

The Gymshark Training App is your own mobile personal trainer:
- Follow plans by training goal or duration
- Workout confidently with guided exercise tutorials provided by Athletes and Trainers to make sure you get the most from every gym or home workout
- Read step-by-step exercise breakdowns, including specific Athlete and Trainer tips to ensure optimal performance of every movement
- Apple Health integration to track and analyse your workout duration


Unlocking your potential starts here | If you’re up to the challenge, download the Gymshark Training App now & experience a whole new way to workout. An account will give you access to the world’s largest library of workouts.

Create an account or, if you’re already part of the Gymshark Family, use your existing sign-in information to get started.
From version Gymshark Training: Fitness App 2.6.1:

Just like training, the Gymshark Training App keeps getting better. We’ve taken on your feedback, and our version 2.6.1 sees some changes.

· We’ve been busy moving your workout history, custom plans and workouts to a better place on our systems, to improve your overall experience but you probably won’t notice this change too much.
· General bug fixes

But we’re not done yet. Keep your feedback coming and we’ll continue to build the best workout app yet.

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