Idioms are the soul of Chinese culture, with a long history and profound meaning. This software is a software for guessing idioms by looking at pictures. Through the idiom guessing software, users can become familiar with idioms. Each idiom has a detailed explanation and source, which is convenient for users to remember the idioms. When you can't guess it, click the prompt button to prompt the first two words of the idiom to help users guess the idiom.
成語典 - 成語詞典、成語字典

The "Idioms Dictionary" contains a total of more than 20,000 idioms, including interpretations of idioms, allusions, allusions, documentary evidence, usage instructions, identification, etc., and more than 1,000 idiom stories.


This is a rescue literary degeneration of ancient poetry APP, to help you learn ancient poetry.



古诗词名句赏析 - 简体中文版



Appreciation classic poem, relive the charm of the treasures of ancient Chinese literature, ancient literature of profound feeling!

國語辭典 - 國語字典、詞典、成語

汉语字典(简体) - 新华字典

Chinese-Japanese Translation

Support Chinese and Japanese translation and Japanese spoken Chinese

中国诗词 | 唐诗宋词 | 古诗词

Learn Chinese traditional culture, Tang poetry, Song poetry and other ancient poems


Ultra Pro full Chinese idiom dictionary free offline use Traditional Chinese

Korean Chinese Translation | Translator Free

Korean and Chinese online fast translation, a good helper for travel exchange

Filipino Chinese Translation | Translator Free

Filipino and Chinese online fast translation, a good helper for travel exchange

Cangjie Dictionary - Learn to type Chinese

Just copy any Chinese and get the "letters"




The structure of Chinese characters is beautiful. First, understand the structure of characters from "Shuowen Jiezi", try to integrate the relevant structure of the characters, and extensively refer to the explanations of various writing books and classics, in order to quickly learn and penetrate the ancient and modern characters.


I am familiar with the 300 poems of Tang poetry.



Three hundred poems of Tang poetry, detailed annotations and phonetic, supporting full-text search