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Easy and convenient tool for calculating time and duration of sunrise, sunset and other sunlight phases at any location.

Key Features:
- Find time of sunrise and sunset
- Find duration of the civil, nautical and astronomical twilights, "golden" and "blue" hours
- Work offline without internet connection
- Track all your favorite cities
- Set up notifications for upcoming sunrises, sunsets or golden hours
From version Golden Hour 5.4.4:

Android 12 support

Sun Seeker - Sunrise Sunset Times Tracker, Compass

AR view sun surveyor app. Find the sun position, solar path & sunlight exposure.

Alpenglow: Sunrise & Sunset Forecasts

Easy access to Magic Hour times but it also provides quality forecasts.

Sun Position, Sunrise, and Sunset

Get sun and moon data, & track the sun's path. Plan photos and predict lighting.

Sun Position, Sunrise, and Sunset Demo

Set sunrise, sunset, moonrise & golden hour reminders. Track the sun and moon.


A light meter for true photographers.

Sun Locator Lite (Sun and Moon)

Predict Sun and Moon position anytime and anywhere in 3D

Sun Locator Pro

Predict the sun and moon position anytime and anywhere in 3D

LEE Stopper Exposure Guide

Exposure guide for LEE Filters range of Stopper long exposure camera filters.

LEE Filters - ProGlass IRND Exposure Guide

The official exposure guide for LEE Filters range of ProGlass IRND filters.

SkyCandy - Sunset Forecast App

SkyCandy - Sunrise & Sunset Forecast app to find vivid & colorful skies.

Exposure Calculator

Calculates the exposure triangle with optional ND filters.

Blue Hour (Solar Photography Calculator)

☀️ Easily plan & calculate photo and twilight times for the perfect shot! 🌗

Golden Hour+

Find time and duration of different sunlight phases at any location

Planit: Photo Planner

A must-have app for landscape photographers

SunCalc org

Simulates the path of the sun -- App for the popular website:

Exsate Golden Hour

Find the best weather, sun, moon conditions and light for outdoor photography

The Sun Ephemeris (Sunset, Sunrise, Moon position)

Sun & Moon position for any location on earth : sunset, sunrise, moon phase,…

Sun Today - Sunrise, Sunset and Space Weather

View sunrise, sunset, geomagnetic storms and golden hour times for any date

Phototime: Golden Hour Photography

Golden hour and blue hour, sunset & photography sun tracker

Sundroid: Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times for any date and any location