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GeoGebra Classic joins graphing, geometry, 3D, spreadsheets, computer algebra and probability in one easy-to-use and powerful package. Millions of people around the world use GeoGebra to learn math and science. Join us!

GeoGebra Classic includes the following math tools:
• Graphing: plot functions with sliders and solve equations
• Geometry: create interactive geometric constructions
• 3D Graphing: graph functions, surfaces and many more 3D objects
• Spreadsheet: analyze data and do statistics connected with graphing
• CAS: solve math problems with our powerful computer algebra system
• Probability: visualize parameters and distributions quickly
• Search for free learning activities directly from the app
• Save and share your results with others

Visit to learn more and find all our free GeoGebra apps. We’d love to hear from you: send us your questions or feedback via Twitter @geogebra or to [email protected]
From version GeoGebra Classic 5.0.507.0:

• Special points for functions: roots, min and max
• Solve button for equations: exact and numeric

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