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The Forane® Refrigerant Tool Belt chart and calculator app is an essential aid for busy refrigeration and AC professionals working in the HVACR field. Forane® Refrigerant Tool Belt provides electronic cross-unit PT charts for each refrigerant and enables users to easily input pressure or temperature readings and immediately receive all corresponding values in return. The app also provides quick calculation for subcooling and superheat values, as well as helpful descriptions and chemical properties of available Forane® brand and generic refrigerants.

Use Forane® Refrigerant Tool Belt to:

- Review pressure temperature (PT) charts on-the-go
- Input liquid pressure or temperature readings to receive corresponding values
- Calculate subcooling and superheat values
- Scan Forane® refrigerant product codes to validate authenticity and avoid counterfeit cylinders
- Read product details and properties for available Forane® refrigerants
- Watch educational refrigerant videos
- Translate app content into a total of eight languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese
- Visit the Forane® website for more information
- Contact Arkema's Forane® team with your questions

Learn more at:
From version Forane® Refrigerants Tool Belt 6.1:

- Added absolute calculations
- Added new refrigerants
- Bug fixes


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