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This is the brightest Flashlight in Android. ​You can illuminate the surroundings brightly in various scenes.

Please use the Flashlight for night camp and work in a dark environment.

Flashlight is also useful for Emergency lighting such as power failure, Looking for something in a dark environment and so on.

Flashlight Use Cases
・ Night camp
・ Work in a dark environment
・ Looking for something in a dark environment
・ Emergency lighting such as power failure

​Flashlight Permission
No permission is required to use the app. ​Please use it at ease.

Flashlight Security
The app is released after checking security by all of the following antivirus software for each update.

・ Kaspersky for Android
・ Norton Mobile Security
・ Macafee Mobile Security
・ Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus
・ Virus Buster Mobile
・ ESET Mobile Security

Please enjoy Flashlight in various situations.
From version Flashlight 2.5.1:

Thank you for using "Flashlight" all the time. We regularly update the app on Google Play so that you can use it comfortably.

In all updates, the following items are improved.

・ Flashlight features Improvements
・ Performance Improvements
・ Bug fixes
・ Security update
・ Supports new devices and OS

Please update the app to the latest version and use it in the best condition.

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