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Flashlight for Android phone. An important and reliable tool. Safe and bright light source.

- Simple
- LED flash
- Light from the screen
- Works when the screen is off
- Safe. No permissions.
- Strobe
- Widget
- Morse code. Light and sound. SOS signal
From version Flashlight 1.5.79:

Color LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH

Bright LED flashlight app. Strobe light mode enables strong camera flash light

Flashlight LED - Universe

LED Flashlight with the unique design


Flashlight app with a quick start and works even if the screen is off

Flashlight HD LED

The brightest and fastest flashlight. Get it NOW for free !

Super LED Flashlight

Turn your device into the super LED flashlight and light up your way


The brightest and easy to use flashlight app. No annoying features.


The brightest, fastest, and most handy Flashlight.


The brightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight.


Instantly turn your device into a bright Flashlight.

Flashlight Plus Free with OpticView™

🔦+ 🔍Brightest mobile LED flashlight and magnifier with OpticView™ viewfinder!


Digital compass flashlight and 8-color bright screen mode

Bright Flashlight App Tactical

Bright Flashlight for Android phones and tablets. Uses bright LED flash light.

High-Powered Flashlight - Super Bright LED Light

Brightest LED Flashlight for Android. Open flash light and Light up Your World!


Bright. Handy. Elegant. This is a MEGA flashlight app.

Simple Flashlight: LED lamp

Led light controller with brightness control and customizable color, stroboscope


Free, intuitive and easy to use Flashlight app for Android.

Free Flashlight

The most POWERFUL Flashlight for your device, it's PRO & FREE!


Easy to use torch light


Flashlight free app. It has beautiful combination of flashlight and clock.

Icon Torch - Flashlight

The simplest LED flashlight without interface! Icon only!