If FitNotes has become an invaluable aid to your training and you would like to show your support for its continued development then you are now able to do so by becoming a FitNotes Supporter.
From version FitNotes Supporter 1.1.0:

Version 1.1.0

The FitNotes Supporter app will no longer be displayed in the app list on your device. It can be accessed if needed by going to 'Settings - FitNotes Supporter' within the latest version of the main FitNotes app (1.19.0).

My Workout Log

The ideal application to manage bodybuilding, fitness and crossfit workouts


Everything you love about CompTrain programming plus new features.

GymACE Pro: Workout Tracker & Body Log

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Bodyweight Fitness Pro

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FitTap Champion by DAREBEE

Test your fitness levels, add new exercise routines to your day.

100 Office Workouts Champion

No-equipment illustrated easy-to-follow fitness routines for the office.

FitNotes - Gym Workout Log

A clean, simple, powerful workout tracker. Free to use, and no ads - ever.

Workout Planner by Gym Life

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ProFit - Workout Log & Tracker

Workout log for all your weight training programs ! Simple, lightweight

Workout Diary - Trainings plan - Fitness tracker

Wendler log 531 Pro

Power-lifting, weightlifting and Wendler 531 app to track your workout program.

Simple Workout Log

Simple Workout Log is a free & simple tool to log and track your workouts!

Intensity - Powerlifting Workout Tracker & Gym Log

A progression based workout tracking app designed for strength training.

Powerlifter - 531 Weightlifting Log

The easiest way to track and calculate your Wendler 531 powerlifting routine.


The best app to track your WODs, Log PRs, & Calculate Athletic Level!

Sheiko Gold Workout Coach

AI-driven personalized strength training for beginner to elite athletes

ReLife - Home training and fitness calisthenics

Bodyweight workouts to build muscle and lose fat fast

Progression Body & Weight Log

Track and understand your body.

RepCount Gym Workout Log

Workout Tracker for Strength Training & Bodybuilding Workouts and Weight Lifting

Bodybuilding Workout Log

A very convenient workout log. Simple tracking and visible training results.