With powerful imaging system, 3-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal, foldable and portable design, FIMI Navi 2020 APP for upgraded and refreshed FIMI drone makes you achieve one-click control, enjoy easier flight, and shoot more vivid videos.

Function introduction:
1. Visual interface makes operation simple and fast.
2. Preview and save the shooting files on media library. You can watch wonderful movies anytime, anywhere.
3. Route planning and shooting eliminate complicated flight control.
4. With variety of shooting modes, aerial shooting is more fun.
5. Real-time image transmission, RTH automatic return home, GPS real-time monitoring and multiple safety functions ensure a safe flight at all times.
From version FIMI Navi 2020 V1.0.30.20305:

1.Support picture in 48M (The camera firmware needs to be updated to 3016A or above).
2. Fix some known issues to improve stability and user experience.

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