Every child loves playing hide and seek. In this peekaboo game sailor Fiete has hidden. Can you find him? A game of hide-and-seek with lots of cute animals. For kids aged 3 and over.

In the hidden objects game for kids Fiete Hide and Seek sailor Fiete has hidden in colorful landscapes and the kids need to find him. On their search for Fiete the kids will meet cute animals, like cats, tigers and foxes, that are also waiting for being discovered.

In this peekaboo game the kids will travel to enchanted forests, colorful jungles or rocky stone deserts, and tempt Fiete out of his hideout. But beware! Not everything that moves in this hidden objects game is Fiete. There are cute animals that are also waiting for being discovered by the kids.

The gameplay of this lovely peekaboo kids app is very easy:

The kids need to tap with their fingers on rocks, trees and plants to see what's hiding behind them. They can tickle the baby Fox, find the little raccoon or stroke the kitten and see if Fiete has hidden behind the gorgeous animals.

Once the kids have found Fiete, they'll get to the next level, each of which is unique. New landscapes are generated with each game. So in this beautiful hidden objects peekaboo game for kids there are more and more stunning places and animals to discover.


Over 40 cute animals
Beautifully illustrated hidden objects landscapes
Peekaboo Game
Endless fun, as the landscapes constantly recompose
Inspired by great artists such as Hockney, Matisse or van Gogh

...and many more


Simple game principle
Fun with learning
Gorgeous animations
Great sound effects
Ideal for young children
Stunning colors
Clear, direct feedback system


Logical thinking
Media literacy
Sensory perception
Understanding of shapes


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