Do you want to track your fertile days to get pregnant?
Or maybe you just want to be ready for your next period?

OvTracker is the app that fits your needs. Once you have recorded the first date of your last period and the number of days of your menstrual cycle, your period, ovulation and fertile days will be displayed in a user-friendly way.

OvTracker is an ovulation calendar app, and at the same time a fertility calculator that:
- Spots the expected ovulation day and your most fertile days.
- Tracks your menstrual cycles and your chances of getting pregnant day by day.
- Displays up to ten predictive menstrual cycles seamlessly.
- Supports irregular cycles by including your cycles history in the calculation process.
- Becomes more precise after 10 recorded cycles.
- Alerts you when your menstruation, fertility or expected ovulation day is coming.
- Calculates the follicular phase and the luteal phase.
- Allows you to take notes (symptoms, bleeding flow, moods …) and record your intercourse.

NB: OvTracker app provides an estimate of your fertile window and is not a guarantee of pregnancy or of birth control.
From version Period & Ovulation Tracker 3.3.7:

- Improve design
- Improve performances
- Fix some bugs

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