Femometer is a leading period, fertility and pregnancy tracker, that helps you manage your reproductive health. When it comes to tracking and managing your period, avoiding pregnancy or timing pregnancy, Femometer takes the guess-work out of taking control of your reproductive health.

Femometer's fertility tracker helps create personalized charts and calendars, indicating your peak ovulation times and fertile window, optimizing your best chances of pregnancy. Our app syncs with our LH and HCG testing, creating and analyzing your data for you.

Log in your menstruation cycle dates, and track your period, flow intensity, or PMS symptoms, or receive advice and interaction with our educational lessons and community forums.

If you are already pregnant, you'll love Femometer for keeping track of you and your babies growth and progress, with prenatal tests, BBT tracking, data logging, and more. Femometer is the one place you can do it all.

Period Calendar, Ovulation Tracker & Fertility Calculator
• Record your PMS, flow intensity, and current and past period dates, and your personal menstrual cycle calendar generates automatically to predict your next period, including irregular cycles.
• Intelligently recognizes basal body temperature (BBT), LH (ovulation tests) and CM (cervical mucus) results to track your period and menstrual cycle.
• Log BBT and weight of mother-to-be to spot abnormal symptoms quickly. Record prenatal tests, fetal movements and contractions to track baby’s daily health and progress.
• Log 200+ symptoms from ovulation to lifestyle in your period calendar to learn more about your health.
• Set up calendar reminders for period, PMS, ovulation, BBT or birth control pills.
• Easily export data into PDF documents.

Fertility Calendar & Graphs & Curves
• Check your fertility calendar, easily track and identify your cycle phases, predict and manage your ovulation and fertility.
• Auto-generated BBT curve and LH curve allows for best conception times with peak ovulation days and fertile window.
• Auto-generated BBT curves give you insights on pregnancy progress and risks.

Fertility Insights
• Current & Previous Menstrual Cycle Interpretation: Analysis of BBT curves, LH, CM and ovulation symptoms. Track ovulation and reveal conception rate to manage fertility with precision.
• Conception Guide & Pregnancy Prediction: Daily conception advice. Get pregnant easily and spot pregnancy early.
• Behavioral Scoring: Correct tracking behavior leads to accurate ovulation prediction, increasing chances of pregnancy and effectively managing ovulation.
• Statistics Analysis: Reveals the patterns of your cycle symptoms, compares and analyzes data in multiple ways, gain better insights into your ovulation and fertility.

Health Tips, Fertility Courses & User Community
• Scientific and structured fertility courses & daily health tips from professionals to help you manage your fertility

This application is intended for general informational purposes and should not be used or relied on for any prevention, diagnostic or treatment purposes. The medical information on the application is provided as an educational resource only and is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, and treatment. The company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content, whether provided by us or by the third party. Always seek the advice of a physician before making any healthcare decisions.

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- Added community search function
- Optimize fetal development 3D images
- Bug fixes and user experience optimized

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