Farmuino pro is a tool which appeals to farmers, breeders and every man who likes growing crops and rearing animals as a hobby.
agroFarm is an electronic calendar where farmers and breeders can store all the agricultural activities about crops, farms and agricultural machineries.
Simultaneously agrofarm calculates the revenues and expenses of every rural activity.
With app farmers and breeders are able to know:

1 The time of every lubrication or pesticide application, the quantity and the cost.
2. General information about on cultivation.
3. The revenues and expenses of every rural activity by category or period
4. Ιnformation for application of drugs in animals as well as the full program of food
5. The fuel cost and the maintenance program for all agricultural machineries.
....and many others like photo galleries, important notes etc .

Languages English, French, Greek
From version Farmuino pro 1.0.7:

Bug fixes

Veterinary Handbook

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Farmuino is a tool for farm management

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