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LingAR.Edu App proposes English language learners to make use of this App in order to facilitate their use of course-books (Family & Friends series)

LingAR.Edu (App version) enables you to read English course books quickly and easily without any need to a physical book!!

For LinAR.Edu App (Augmented Reality version), provides language users with the chance to expand their vocabulary knowledge by looking at their Augmented pictures of the book!! – just from mobile device camera!!
Language learners can learn phonics with fascinating pictures!!
it is necessary to hold your mobile device on the book pages and then, you can see how interesting images and audio will add to the reality of a physical book!!

LingAR.Edu App provides facilitative tool which help students to listen to audio files of course books every time!!, everywhere!!, without the need to use CD or DVD or any other player!!
Moving on, children can watch some videos related to course-book and enjoy their time watching and learning English!!
From version Family and Friends 1 1.22:

Adding Quiz at the end of each lesson

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