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Paying together? Sharing costs? Splitting payments?
If you pay together with others, track and share payments with others, this App is for you!

Works offline, no account, no registration, no internet connection needed*

Holiday with friends? Somebody pays the fuel, another pays the drinks for some people in the group, another pays.....and at the end, no one knows how to share the costs?
Preparing for a party, and everyone pays some part of it....but you want to share equally and fairly?

Use fairPay! A SIMPLE, reliable and clever Application to share paying.

You just enter the numbers, and all the mathematics is done by fairPay.
Create a new budget, enter people, and log the payments.
The rest is done by the fairPay!
Calculates and smartly optimizes the debts, the result can shared.

• Works offline, no account, no registration, no internet connection needed*
• Unlimited budgets handling
• Currency handling, everything is calculated in your main currency, rates are downloaded
• Currency converter
• Auto save/load: just continue where you stopped
• Cloud backup/restore
• Easy, fast, friendly usage, nice graphics
• Result is immediately visible on the screen, but can be sent via email as a report as well
• You can give "weight" to a person, i.e.: a person can represent more people (e.g.: Smith family = 4 people)
• High level, smart debt optimization:
• • removing chain and circular debts
• • rearranging debts to have the less number of transfers at the end
• • optimize the have the less amount of money to transfer at the end
• Persons view: current balance and owed/owes summary, you can open detailed balance view from here
• Payments view: all payment grouped by the payer/date, total payments, "who should pay next" tip
• Debts view: eye-blink fast calculation and optimized results on your mobile, and possibility to share
• Charts: payments, balance

Note: some features are only available in the Premium version. You can upgrade to Premium in the App.

*some extra features (e.g.: downloading currency rates, cloud backup/restore, etc) need internet connection

If you have any suggestions, can help to translate to your language, or found any bugs, please contact:
[email protected]
From version fairPay - Share Expenses 3.2.0:

Bug and performance fix