The F45 Challenge App is your complete health ecosystem

- Learn about nutrition and well being from industry experts.
- Enjoy a comprehensive meal plan created by nutritionists.
- Track your daily progress with simple charts and dashboard.
- Workout from home with our new on-demand workout library.
- Support yourself through the F45 45-Day Challenge.

Workout From Home
New, daily HIIT on-demand workouts include Bodyweight, Weighted and Recovery sessions to suit all fitness levels. Designed to complement your training when you can’t get to a studio. Currently for F45 members only.

Meal Planning
Correct nutrition is vital, and the daily meal plans help keep you on the right track. Our technology and team guides you to achieve your health goals whether it is to reduce body fat, get lean, or simply feel better about your wellness.

F45’s panel of trained nutritionists develop meal plans and recipes to help you achieve your goals. Learn from webinars, articles, tips and secrets. This is where they share their expert knowledge and insights.

The F45 Challenge App goal-tracking features let you track your goals and get insights into your progress. Use it to keep yourself accountable day-to-day, or throughout the 45-Day Challenge.

45-Day Challenge
The F45 45-Day Challenge is a nutrition and training program focused on holistic well-being. The combination of F45’s style of training and the challenge meal plans is designed to help members transform their lives. The next 45-Day Challenge (C27) begins June 15th.
From version F45 Challenge 3.3.2:


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