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Extra Volume Booster , a max volume booster for android with music equalizer and bass booster FREE is able to boost volume of your phone and tablet louder, improve your music quality and amplify bass.

☆ Music equalizer with different sound level and frequency
☆ Volume booster pro for headphones & external speaker & bluetooth
☆ Stereo surround sound effects
☆ 3D Virtualizer effect
☆ Beautiful and simple interface
☆ User-friendly operation
☆ No root required

Useful for vedio, audio books, music and games
1. Music equalizer
📣Turn on the Music player and play your music or audio books
📣Open the Bass Booster app and adjust sound level and frequency as you like.
📣Open the Volume Booster to boost volume of speaker

2. Effect for video, game and so on
📣Open the Bass Booster app and adjust sound level and frequency as you like.
📣Let it run in the background
📣Open the Video player to play your video or enjoy your game
From version Extra Volume Booster - loud sound speaker 4.3.2:

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