The most functional math logic calculator.
This application has the functions as follows:
- creating truth tables;
- finding DNF, CNF, PDNF and PCNF;
- finding Zhegalkin polynomial (Undetermined coefficients method and Pascal's triangle method);
- making a Karnaugh map;
- minimizing Boolean function with equivalence conversion (both briefly and in details);
- plotting logical schemes (both IEC and ANSI schemes);
- minimizing functions using McCluskey method.
Boolean functions may be displayed as multiple characters.
Unary operation "negation" may be displayed either as a single character or in the form of an overline.

Maximum number of variables in the function is limited by 6.
Maximum number of function-embedded negations is limited by 5.
Maximum number of characters in the function is limited by 64.
Karnaugh maps, PCNF and PDNF functions, Zhegalkin polynomial and the McCluskey method only may be used for operating a value vector.
The modulus of vector shall contain 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 characters.
The values of 0 and 1 may be used in this function but it will be subject to simplification only.
The implication is inadmissible for plotting a logical scheme.

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This application demonstrates intuitively understandable and trouble-free operations. All results are shown in details along with comments.
From version eXpimal - discrete math 1.7.1:

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