Event Livestream enables you to do a 24 hours HD quality livestream from your phone or tablet. The app is perfect for weddings, business events or funerals. You can try it for free.

Customizable streaming page
You can create a custom streaming page from the app. Add a photo and information about the event. Add a logo to the page to make sure the viewers can see your brand. This can all be done in minutes. No website building skills required.

Embed the player on your website
The app allows you to embed the player of the event on any webpage. Copy the embed code from the app, paste it on your website, and start streaming.

Download livestream footage
The footage of the live stream will be available after 24 hours after start of the livestream. The livestreams can be downloaded using the stream webpage or the app. The video file will be available in several resolutions.

Stream multiple times
The app allows to stream multiple times in one event using the same link and embedded player. This allow you to move from one location to another in the meantime, and continue streaming using the same link.

No interrupted livestreams
You have to make sure to get a license for streaming audio. But, unlike Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo, the livestream will never be cancelled unexpectly.

Unlimited number of viewers
Watch the livestream with 20 viewers or 200, there is no difference in performance. The number of viewers is unlimited.

Event livestreaming offers secure and worry-free livestreaming, try it for free today.
From version Event LiveStream 1.4.3:

Fixed issue with zoom.
Fixed issue while purchasing an event

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