With the walking, running and cycling route planner you can set GPS walking and running routes from your location. You set the distance, the eRoutes app easily creates the GPS routes. Wherever you start, you also finish. Wherever you are, the app navigates you while walking, running or cycling with audio instructions. Improve your fitness and choose one of the sensible training plans ranging from 3 to 50 kilometers. For each training, a matching route is given so you can focus on your training.

GPS routeplanner

Via GPS, the app sets out different possible walking, running and cycling routes for the distance you set. All routes start and end at your current location. The route planner app can be used anywhere in the world for free. Quite handy if you want to take a walk, run or ride somewhere you are not very familiar or if you want to explore new walking, running or cycling routes.

Walking and running training plans

Besides walking and running routes, you can also choose to follow a training plan. Former marathon runner and health expert Gerard Nijboer has created specific training plans for walking and running. In this way you can responsibly build up your health and endurance. Plans vary from 3 kilometers to 50 kilometers walking or running and last for 4 to 12 weeks. There is a suitable training plan for every walker and runner.

*Route planner for walking, running and cycling
*Routes from everywhere, for every distance
*Training plans for walking and running
*View your pace, time and distance
*Share your routes with friends
*Available for free

Note: eRoutes uses GPS to plan and navigate your routes. This can affect your devices battery life.
From version eRoutes Walk, Run & Cycle 1.17.7:

This release contains an updated of the privacy policy. You can find this document under the privacy section of your profile. Of course we are careful with your data. Have fun discovering new routes!


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