ErgZone is an app made for athletes using Concept2 equipments for indoor rowing, indoor skiing and indoor cycling.

Why ErgZone?

We have created this app so athletes can focus on their workout instead of spending time manually configuring the PM5 monitor, making calculations for heart rate and interval pace, scrolling through the PM5 monitor memory to take photos and manually input the information at Concept2 LogBook.

- Discover content from partner coaches
- Concept2 Workout of the Day available every day
- Based on benchmark times, we estimate the duration of each workout
- No more setting up intervals manually on the PM5 monitor: when connected, just press “connect to PM5” and the app will do it for you. Then, all you have to do is start moving.
- Easy comparison between intervals by displaying a list of intervals with live stats: time, meters, pace, spm/rpm, calories, watts, SPI, heart rate percentage and zone.
- Calculation of suggested pace per interval: based on benchmarks (1k, 2k, 5k for Rower and SkiErg, 2k, 4k, 10k for BikeEg), each interval will display the suggested pace (when provided on the workout details)
- Live signals when split time or rpm/spm or pace are under or above suggested.
- Automatically uploads the results to Concept2 LogBook.
- Workouts by Time, Distance and Calories
- Undefined rest: erg machines with weights made easy
- Bookmark your favorite workouts
- Heart Rate: Maximum HR and Resting HR can be stored at the app for live HR%.
- Competitions
- Free content produced by our partner coaches: every week one free workout per coach
- ErgFlix: follow along workouts where you watch coaches rowing so you can just follow while watching your metrics
- Beyond PM5 metrics : along with meters, time, pace and HR, ErgZone displays real time strokes count, DF, Cals, Watts, SPI, HR Zone

- Concept2 Indoor Rower, BikeErg, SkiErg equipped with PM5 monitor
- Motivation
From version ErgZone 1.0.1:

- Fix issues when minimizing app during a workout session: now you can minimize the app and a persistent notification will be displayed to prevent Android to kill the app during a workout.
- Prompt user to disable battery optimization: almost 80% of Bluetooth disconnections during long workouts are caused by the battery being optimized. When you're about to start a new session, a dialog is displayed so you can approve or not to disable battery optimization.

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