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Eleven Kings game is a free football manager strategy game. Take control of the club, set tactics, transfer players, join tournaments and become the legend! Prove your skills as a football manager, let the world know you! as Ronaldinho! Here are some features of Eleven Kings Game:

As a football manager, you will have 23 players on your squad when you start. The minimum amount of squad size is 15. Also, there are minimal limits for each position (goalkeepers - 2, defenders - 5, midfielders - 5, forwards - 3).

The managers' performance ranked on the Global and Local form on the Ranking page. Both types of ranking evaluate performance according to manager points. You can earn the manager points by winning the matches, scoring a goal, transferring players, training players, and being a champion in championships.

Local Ranking is divided into sections like "All Time Ranking" and "Last 30 days". All-Time Ranking shows the cumulated manager points from the beginning of the game, but the Last 30 days Ranking shows the last month's (last 30 days) results.

Global Ranking is divided into sections like "Daily Ranking", "All-Time Ranking" and "Last 30 days". Daily Ranking shows manager points accumulated in the last 24 hours. It reset at 00:00 GMT every day. All-Time Ranking and Last 30 days Rankins are the same as in Local Rankings.

The stadium is one of the best options on Eleven Kings Game to increase your budget. The bigger is your stadium, the more tickets will be sold. More tickets mean more money. You start with the 7 500 capacity stadium. But you can upgrade your stadium to 250 000 capacity and let your fans make your matches more excited.

Your League standing affects the number of fans at the stadium. Try to stand at the TOP of the League, so you can see higher attendance in your home matches.

You can sell tickets and earn money only when you play at Home. Also, you can earn money from Shop Sales and Sponsorships when you play at Home. A higher stadium level brings more Shop Sales and Sponsorship revenue.

Eleven Kings offers you to sell your players as well as to buy new, rising stars. There're 3 tabs on the "Transfer" Page: BUY, SELL, and HISTORY.

Be careful when choosing a player. Check their age and ability. Try to buy young players. Because they have big potential to increase their ability. Also, young players lose lower energy while playing the games and increase more ability points while training. You can even buy Ronaldinho.😎
The transfer is the key in football management. Make clever transfers to become a popular football manager.

You can engage young players in your academy, train them in 5 styles and 10 sessions and transfer skillful ones to your main squad. Start to create your dream team now with Youth Academy.😎

It is possible to create a league and play with your friends in Eleven Kings Game! You can create a league of 6 matches with 4 friends! You will have 5 minutes between matches that you can check your squad and get ready for the next match.
It's time to show the strength of your club. Create or join a Private League and show your club's strength!

Training Camp is an important part of football manager games. This Camp gives you the opportunity to improve your players, increase their ability. You can take your squad to the Training Camp only twice a season.

Eleven Kings is one of the best football manager games (a.k.a. soccer manager games) in 2021. Free football manager games get popular in the last few years. We try our best to give you one of the best free football manager games. Be a popular football manager, show your ability to the world!

From version Eleven Kings Football Manager 5.8.4:

Minor bugs fixed.

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