Elementary Korean is a learning software for learning Korean, which supports people whose mother tongue is Chinese to learn Korean. This software contains Korean words commonly used in daily life. By learning these words, you can improve your Korean level.

The main functions of the software are as follows:
1: Contains more than 2,000 daily Korean words
2: Each Korean language contains Korean, pronunciation, part of speech and Chinese translation
3: Support voice playback in Korean
4: Support favorite Korean
5: Support searching for the Korean language you need to learn
6: Support Chinese and Korean search
Interchao - Japanese, Korean, or Chinese Learning

Write sentences in the language you want to learn and a native speaker checks it

Learn Korean - Grammar Pro

Learn Korean include over 5000+ phrases, 60 categories, 200 grammar lesson

Korean Pronunciation

Should watch tongue movements and air flow to learn Korean pronunciation.

바른 발음

Study Korean pronunciation

Translate Korean with Talking translator 자동 번역

역자 / 오늘의 말씀은 기능 오프라인 사전을 포함하여 포장된다 Speak a sentence and hear the translation

Chinese-Japanese Translation

Support Chinese and Japanese translation and Japanese spoken Chinese

韩语翻译 | 中韩翻译 | 韩文翻译 | 中韩互译 | 韩语口语

A Chinese-Korean dictionary software that supports Chinese-Korean translation, real-time translation, and online translation.

Korean Pronunciation Trainer

Download the free basic Korean pronunciation learning application right now!

Korean Letters (Hangul)

Learn how to read Korean letters in a few hours. ZERO EXPLANATIONS TO READ.

Korean Vocab

Korean vocabulary app includes learning,quiz,and pronounce.


Korean 40-tone and pronunciation skills learning artifact

Learn Korean with LinGo Play

Learn Korean quickly and effectively with LinGo Play!

Learn Korean | Korean Translator Free

Quickly learn Korean everyday vocabulary and phrases, simple and practical

Korean Chinese Translation | Translator Free

Korean and Chinese online fast translation, a good helper for travel exchange

Read Korean game Hangul punch

Let's master the Korean characters in boxing !

Learn Korean Communication

Learn Korean communication through common sentence patterns, lean korean

Hangul (Korean Alphabet)

Hangul teaches you using easy-to-navigate lessons, quizzes, and flashcards.

Learn Korean Free: Hangul, Words, Grammar, Quizzes

Love K-POP and Korean dramas? Learn Korean on your own with the ‘CAN Korean’!

Korean Translate - English Korean Translator

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Korean Study Step1

Korean Study Step is an innovative APP people can learn Korean language