Elementary Japanese is a learning software for learning Japanese. This software contains Japanese words commonly used in daily life. By learning these words, you can improve your Japanese level.

The main functions of the software are as follows:
1: Contains more than 1500 daily Japanese
2: Each Japanese entry contains Japanese, Kana, Part of Speech and Chinese translation
3: Support voice playback in Japanese
4: Support favorite Japanese
NHK Easy Japanese News Reader - Simple & Useful

Read and listen to NHK News with Furigana & Multilingual Dictionaries for FREE

Jisten-Japanese Listening JLPT Exam N1 N2 N3 2020

Jisten-Japanese Listening JLPT Exam N1 N2 N3 2020 Practice Audio Translation

Chinese-Japanese Translation

Support Chinese and Japanese translation and Japanese spoken Chinese


A large number of "specific Japanese conversation scenes" are introduced, and the "regular grammar used in on-site communication" is detailed, so that learners can learn "functional and practical Japanese for daily life" through "virtual experience of living in Japan"!

Japanese Test

This application is a collection of questions of the Japanese Language

Easy Japanese

Read Japanese news easily

50音起源 - 日语五十音单词学习

Learn Japanese syllabary and words from the beginning

捧读 - 日语语法学习与分析

Machine learning based Japanese "grammar analysis" and "learning" apps


Filipino Chinese Translation | Translator Free

Filipino and Chinese online fast translation, a good helper for travel exchange

Kanji123 - Learn Basic Kanji



HanYou - Chinese Dictionary and OCR

Offline Chinese Dictionary and Optical Recognizer

Easy Japanese - Letu0027s Learn Japanese with Anna!

Learn basic grammar and useful expressions.

N1 Listening

JLPT N1 Test Paper Listening Section with answer (Offline is OK)

Cdian - Chinese Dictionary

An English-Chinese dictionary that presents clear, concise, and quick results.

JLPT N4 & N5 Vocabulary - Play To Learn & Testing

JLPT N4&N5 vocabulary test, Learn vocabulary with pictures, Play game to learn


"New Era Japanese-Chinese Dictionary" has a very rich database, with real-time query function in both Chinese and Japanese languages. It contains more than 66,000 words. The example sentences of each vocabulary are perfectly presented after being reviewed by experts. False foreign requests without self-taught.


Choose the right method, and the kana syllabary can be easily learned! Using the memorizing formulas and associations of the source, shape and sound of the word, with the writing function, beginners can easily remember 50 sounds!