Elementary English is a learning software for learning English, which supports people whose mother tongue is Chinese to learn English. This software contains commonly used English words in daily life. By learning these words, you can improve your English proficiency.

The main functions of the software are as follows:
1: Contains more than 13,000 daily English
2: Each piece of English includes English, pronunciation, part of speech and Chinese translation
3: Support voice playback in English
4: Support favorite English
5: Support searching for the English that needs to be learned
6: Support Chinese and English search
Lotusfire 學英文

Let English be everywhere


My English Walkman


Words don’t need to be memorized, they will naturally blend into the context

Chinese Dictionary | Xinhua Dictionary

A software that supports Chinese character queries

Chinese-Japanese Translation

Support Chinese and Japanese translation and Japanese spoken Chinese

Quictionary 快词-在线英汉词典/汉英词典


英文單字王3 EngKing - 背單字的最佳利器

生词本 - 英语阅读好帮手

Look up the dictionary, cloud backup, record the real context, your own wordbook. Smart reminders, scientific memory, and efficient words.

Chinese English Dictionary | Chinese Dictionary

supports both offline and online translation

English Chinese Translation | Translator Free

English and Chinese online fast translation, a good helper for travel exchange


Transwhiz 發行,名師蔣志榆編著優質英語會話學習 app。用最貼近老外的說法,學最實用的口語會話,開口說一點都不難。採功能情境分類,快速達到學習目標。

单词树 - 每天进步一点,进度看得见

每日法语听力 -提高法语听力阅读的最佳途径

"Daily French Listening" Android version is designed for the Android mobile phone software developed by French Listening


English learning, new concept English, English listening, English words, English translation, travel all over the United States, crazy English

Thai English Translator

With this translator you can easily translate from Thai to English.



Ebbinghaus planning, focusing on word memory


Chinese dictionary with etymology of Chinese characters and HSK training

WordBit 英語 (自動學習) -繁體


The MeBooks English Learning Center satisfies your desire for diverse English learning in the most cost-effective way! During the subscription period, you will be full of good books (including ICRT Daily News English news, movies and American TV series).