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WARNING: 3 GB of RAM recommended.

Drunken Wrestlers 2 is a multiplayer fighting game based on active ragdoll technology.

- Physics-based combat
- Advanced physically simulated character behaviour
- Cross-platform online multiplayer
- Character customization
- High quality bass music for original soundtrack

Drunken Wrestlers 2 is based entirely on physics. The more force you pack into your strikes, the more damage you will deal to your opponent. Characters are subject to external influences and realistically maintain balance thanks to procedural animations.

This game allows you to play online with players from Android and PC with up to 8 players per room.

You are given XP and money for playing the game, which can be spent on items for character customization.
From version Drunken Wrestlers 2 build 2975 (02.08.2021):

build 2975 (02.08.2021) changes:
• cross-platform competitive
• 18 new cosmetics
• 4 new tracks

early access build 2936 (21.07.2021) changes:
• added competitive mode
• added leaderboards

early access build 2888 (06.07.2021) changes:
• in-depth tutorial
• added hard bot difficulty
• new preinstalled maps

early access build 2857 (10.05.2021) changes:
• added russian language
• added support for cloud saves
• added achievements

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