DroidPass password manager remembers all your passwords for you. This password manager saves all the passwords and secures behind the one master password that only you know. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) in this password manager app keeps your passwords safe and secured.

DroidPass password manager stores information for websites ranging from medical to finances to simple gaming apps, so you can free your mind to tackle more important undertakings. Don't worry that you should remember your password again! This password manager gives access to your vault with a fingerprint login.

Password manager app DroidPass is a powerful password generator also that will ward off hackers and keep your treasured information safe. Strong passwords are generated by complex algorithms of this password app and stored in an encrypted database. You will only need one master pin to unlock it all and do as you wish.

This password manager instant sync and data backup will keep all your devices up-to-date with any password alterations.

Features of DroidPass password manager :

- Store passwords for all types of websites with Strong AES 256-bit encryption using your master pin. All your data is encrypted and decrypted using your master pin at the device level, not on the server.

- Besides storing passwords, this password manager can be used to store personal information like notes, contacts, Wi-Fi, bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

- DroidPass password saver will sync and backup the data across all your devices instantly. Anything you save on one device is available on other devices instantly.

- Access via one single master-pin. Everything you store in password manager DroidPass is protected by a master pin that only you know.

- Password Generator for the creation of strong secure passwords.

- Automatically lock the app after a set time or when the screen is turned off.

- Prevent Screenshot to protect passwords.

- Light and dark color themes are available.

- Protect your passwords from data theft.

- DroidPass password manager also works offline! You can use it without an internet connection too.

Get more with DroidPass password manager Pro:
- Biometric Authentication - Unlock app with Fingerprint, Trusted Face Authentication.
- Unlimited encrypted storage.
- Unlimited number of entries.
- Add Extra Fields.
- Customize app themes.
- Profile premium badge.
- Automatically lock the app instantly when the screen is turned off.
- Priority tech support.

Data in Droidpass Password Manager are completely encrypted. As The keys to decrypt and encrypt passwords are derived from your master pin It is your responsibility to protect the security of your Master pin. As we don't have any access to your master pin If you forget your master pin, we can't help you to recover it.

** If you need assistance, please email [email protected]
From version DroidPass Password Manager 1.3.5:

We’ve been working hard to improve the DroidPass Password Manager.

This release (version - 1.3.5) includes:
👉🏻 Minor bug fixed and performance improved.

** If you need any assistance, please email us at [email protected]

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