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Do you need to take a break and play a good ‘ole tile-based classic from your childhood? Dominos game is the way to go!

With 3 exciting game modes & three difficulty levels, you can play Dominos game the way YOU like it! Choose your favorite, kick back and relax, playing this turned-based game at whatever pace suits you! Set your own winning score, pick your variant and start playing Dominos game free!

Draw Dominos: This type of game is Dominos in its purest, simplest form. Just match the numbers on the tiles on each end and go for the win.

Block Dominos: A very similar variant that will have you scrambling for solutions – there are no extra tries here – if you can’t figure out your next move, you will have to skip your turn.

All Fives Dominos: If you want a challenge, All Fives is the variant you should go for. Requiring quick thinking and quick counting, this variant will have you looking to ensure that the tiles you place are a multiple of five.

You can play all these variants of Dominos game free with the help of an intuitive user interface that allows you to play one-handed, giving you all the tools you need to learn this deceptively difficult classic board game. What are you waiting for? Take a break, install the Dominos game and start placing those tiles!
From version Dominos Party - Classic Domino Board Game 5.0.6:

Minor stability fixes

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