In 1963, Dar AlShifa Hospital (DASH) was established as the first private hospital in the State of Kuwait. Originally, it was a maternity hospital located in Sharq, Kuwait city. Since that time, the hospital became a leading health care organization in the region.

In 1992, DASH went through a notable expansion under the ownership of Mr. Ali Jeraq who had a visionary goal to make healthcare services accessible to every individual in the community. As a result, DASH developed into a fully-fledged general hospital that included a wide scope of services.

Over the last few years, DASH has proved itself as a trustworthy organization in which patient/family-centered care is provided through a competent and diverse team of health care professionals utilizing the latest technology and applying evidence-based practices. Another significant achievement of DASH is attaining recognized international accreditation and awards from Accreditation Canada and American College of Radiology.

Today, DASH is continuously growing and evolving as a distinguished health care organization with a focus on providing comprehensive and specialized services to meet the needs of the community. DASH dedication towards development and growth is reflected in the ongoing expansion which will make it the largest private hospital in Kuwait.
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