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He’s a radish… and also a dad. His kids have gone missing from the vegetable patch, and he needs your help to find them!

Explore an exciting world, face off with fast-food themed foes, and reunite Dadish with his missing children in this challenging platforming adventure.

+ A challenging retro platformer from the creator of Super Fowlst!
+ Dialog that is funny, but not TOO funny
+ 40 cool levels to beat
+ 40 rude and sassy baby radishes to find
+ Fast-food dudes that will try to kill you
+ Four big tasty bosses
+ A screechy possum
+ The joys of fatherhood
+ A pretty good soundtrack I guess
+ I like the graphics I hope you do too
+ Collectable stars
+ Unlockable secrets
From version Dadish 1.25.0:

- Added a tip to the tutorial level to help people who are new to platformers and are having trouble jumping
- Updated Dadish News
- Bug fixes

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