Crestron Mobile has been replaced by Crestron App, which provides exciting new features and Crestron’s latest interface technology. Although Crestron Mobile will be left available for download, it will no longer be actively updated and is intended to support legacy systems only. If your Crestron system currently requires this Crestron Mobile app, please consult your dealer about upgrading your system to be compatible with our latest Crestron App.

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Crestron is the leader of home automation, controlling entertainment and environmental systems from touchpanels, keypads, remotes and Web-enabled devices such as Android phones and tablets.

Crestron Mobile keeps you connected to the home and office when you’re on the go. Communicating via 3G or Edge cellular network (or Wi-Fi), you can view room and device status and adjust climate, lighting and security control features. (Required control module must be uploaded to the Crestron control system the by an authorized dealer)

Crestron Mobile talks directly to the home control system without third-party software or external servers.
From version Crestron Mobile Pro

Added support for launching/being launched by third party applications. (See OLH Answer ID 5282 for more info)

Eliminated unintended message that states “A newer project format has been detected….”

Added settings for “full screen” and “screen always on” modes

Added digital reserved joins for portrait and landscape.

Enhanced “Display Orientation” analog to better match Crestron Mobile for iOS.

“Check for Updates” defaults to FALSE for new installations.

Various other fixes.

Crestron App

Take control of all the technology and systems in your home or enterprise.

Connect2Go Mobile

Mobile version of the Connect2Go Portal for DSC and Honeywell Security Systems


For better life

Crestron Home

Easily control everything in the Crestron smart home with the Crestron Home app

Danfoss Eco™

Danfoss Eco™ gives you complete in-home control of your radiator heating.

Danfoss Icon

Control Danfoss Icon hydronic floor heating from anywhere in the world.

Danfoss Link™

Turn your mobile device into a remote control for your Danfoss Link™ CC.


Manage and connect to your Prosa IoT devices

TXV Superheat Tuner

Optimize superheat for thermostatic expansion valves


Monitor and control your home from any location with your eedomus box!

Copeland™ Mobile

Emerson’s online product information for Copeland™ compressors


Ethica turns your smartphone into a research lab to help advance science.

Hubitat Mobile

Hubitat Elevation Mobile allows Dashboards, Geofence and Push Notifications.

LG HVAC Service

LG HVAC, CAC Service provides the service information for LG air conditioner.

Lutron App

Bring out the best in your everyday moments with Lutron


Calculates fusion parameters for McElroy hydraulic fusion machines.

Minut Smart Home Sensor

With Minut you can wirelessly monitor & protect your home, anywhere, anytime.

Tuner4TRONIC® Field

Adjust the light output and dimming of OSRAM LED drivers and copy/paste settings

HVAC Calculator Pro

Calculations used in HVAC systems engineering field

Air Conditioner BTU Calculator

Calculation of power air conditioning BTU for floor area, no more than 100 m².