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Counter is an easy counting app for android. You can add multiple counters with custom names. Also set required values in every counter. For tasbih counting & for mantra counting, this app is a very handy tool to operate through your smartphone.

How Counter Online: Click Counter & Tally counter works?

➥ Install Counter Application
➥ Add new counter
➥ Give custom name, color and category to counter
➥ Add custom categories
➥ Full screen counting access is also available
➥ Set required values for counter
➥ Increasing or decreasing the value option is also available
➥ Set minimum or maximum value for your counter
➥ Add multiple fast counters easily
➥ Set custom details along with each counter
➥ Give custom name & category to counters
➥ Overview your counters in Grid or List type
➥ You can hear sound with your every count
➥ Do volume formatting from settings
➥ Light mode / Dark mode available

Interesting Features:

➩ Full screen counter mode is available
➩ You can put multi counters for a different purpose
➩ Set counterwise custom colors
➩ Enable negative values as well
➩ Volume action with every clicks
➩ Set volume as count voice or click sound
➩ Check detailed statistics
➩ Set custom actions & set counter widget
➩ Dark and Light theme modes
➩ Organize counters in groups
➩ Easy drag and sort available
➩ Set maximum and minimum value limits
➩ Check counting history

Why to have Counter Online: Click Counter & Digital Tally counter in Your Smartphone:

➪ To count everything easily
➪ Use app as Tasbih counter
➪ Easy digital tool for counting things online
➪ App works same as tally counter machine with advanced features
➪ An easy clicker counter Application
➪ Easily start countdown for any games/sports you play
➪ Count for your healthy routine habits
➪ The counter which makes your every counting easy
➪ Works as log counter & net counter effectively

Most efficient application for following purposes :

➜ Digital Tasbih counting / tasbeeh counter
➜ Mantra counting
➜ Sports activity counting
➜ Point counting, net counting, log counting
➜ Click speed test
➜ Footfall counting
➜ Score counting
➜ People counter
➜ Pushups counting

Online counter is a multipurpose application to count things easily with clicks. Use this application as an easy handy tool available in your smartphone for counting.
From version Counter Online: Click counter & Tally counter 1.0.2:

We update the Counter app as often as possible to help make it faster and more reliable for you. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.


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