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'Connector' app allow you to control your motorized window coverings more freely on smartphone. Please configure your 'Connector' APP account, Bridge and motorized window coverings on 'Connector' APP before use.

With 'Connector' App, you can:
- Control up to 30 motorized window coverings
- Control up to 20 rooms
- Control up to 20 scenes
- Control up to 20 timers

After linking up your 'Connector' APP account with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can directly open, close or percentage control by voice commands on all the motorized window coverings such as roller blinds, draperies, venetians..etc. You can activate independent shades or the scenes created in the 'Connector' App which has been synchronized with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant flexibly and conveniently to reach sunlight control and room management.

'Connector Bridge' is a WiFi to RF bi-directional controller with integrated RS485 interface. It builds a connection via user's WiFi router at home and enable user to control motorized window covering and sunshading products with designated smartphone applications and interaction with ecosystem such as Alexa Echo, Google Assistant via cloud API. The RS485 interface offers additional integration option into a third party home automation systems.
From version Connector --- Motor That Talks Back

1. Now supports scene controller device;
2. Now supports new bridge DD7006;
3. New 'HELP' branch, including FAQ, Video guide, and Feedback;
4. Removed the 'Wi-Fi Sectional Door Module' application;
5. Optimized for Samsung phones
6. Fixed some known bugs;

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