In Combo Quest 2, the epic role-playing adventure continues! Join the mighty knight as he collects magical heroes, loyal companions and powerful items in a quest to vanquish evil from the realm.

Time your taps to battle hordes of monsters and giant bosses. Plan your upgrades and use piles of loot to overcome your foes.


* - 20 Powerful heroes to find and upgrade
* - Magical golems, speedy ninjas, sharp-shooting gunslingers and many more join the knight on his quest


* - No need to go it alone! 20 companions to keep you company and help beat up some monsters. Robots, dragons, lions, and even a chef can join you on the journey


* - Equip and power up your arsenal to further customize your team
* - The King has got your back! He will now offer more items along your journey


* - Over 90 levels and a NEW ENDLESS MODE packed with enemies and bosses. Beat levels, hunt bounties, and recruit your heroes. It will be difficult. And fun! Get going.

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From version Combo Quest 2 1:

Minor Bug Fixes.

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