= About Cluster =
Cluster is a metaverse platform that lets you play, from anywhere, from many devices. Phones, PC, VR are supported and expanding.

Events like concert and meetups, and many worlds await you. You can game, or chill out with friends, ... possibilities are endless.

Cluster is truly cross-platform, people from different devices can meet in the same space.

= Enjoy virtual concerts & events =
Experience new-generation virtual concerts wherever you are.

= Play in various community created worlds =
Play and chat with friends in various community-created "worlds".
From version cluster (クラスター) 2.4.2111221740:

We’re making various adjustments so that you can enjoy your time in the virtual space.
- Eye tilting in AvatarMaker. You can look more crisp or mellow.
- Server creation support for all events & worlds.
Some miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements were made.