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worldwatchers climate compass is a CO2-calculator that thinks ahead. It makes climate protection suitable for everyday use. This CO2-calculator for your everyday life helps you to actively protect the climate in a simple, fast and innovative way every day. A guide for achieving the Paris climate goals. You will find everything in one app: practical CO2 calculator to calculate your personal ecological footprint on scientifically sound databases. Collect positive climate points through the Challenges (environmental challenges) and learn how to use our natural resources in a more sustainable way. Use the barcode scanner to quickly discover the CO2 values of your favourite products and save product groups for a CO2 value comparison.

Find out how much CO2 is emitted / spent through your consumer behaviour. Everyone can start saving CO2 and find the personal levers for a greener lifestyle.

Live more sustainable, greener, better and learn how you can act against climate change and for climate protection. Let's become CO2 neutral, demand political changes (Fridays for future) and already act proactively with the right roadmap.
From version climate compass by worldwatchers 3.5.0:

Unique among all CO2 calculators: Scan products now and get their average CO2e footprint.

Carbon Footprint & CO2 Tracker for Travel and Food

Sustainability guide on your climate change impact, optional carbon offsetting

Environment Challenge

Make change for the planet, this app will offer you the tools you need.

Changeit: Climate Change

App for busy people that want to fight climate change

ClimateScience | Learn About Climate Solutions

Courses on Solutions to Climate Change. Fun & Understandable. Made by Scientists

Earth Hero: Climate Change

Our future to choose. Act on the climate emergency. Through action comes hope.

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Deutsches Bienen-Journal

German bee journal: Forum for Research and Practice

Plants Quiz - for botanists

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Smart Asthma: Forecast Asthma

Forecast & manage your asthma with the AI-based peak flow meter

Rhineland-Palatinate tourism

Holidays in Rhineland-Palatinate!

ToxFox: BUND-Produktcheck

ToxFox app of the BUND e.V .: Find & avoid pollutants in everyday products

Klima — Live carbon neutral

Offset your carbon footprint

MS Kognition

MS cognition - an app for strengthening cognitive skills for MS sufferers

Intumind Audio

The app accompanies you on your intumind journey with the program audios to go.

Inventory and Shopping list

Local processing of shopping lists with integrated Inventory management

Positive Affirmationen: Selbstliebe

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Uplyfe - Precision Nutrition

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Heilpflanzen / Heilkräuter

The herb book in the APP Format

Litterati - The Global Team Cleaning the Planet

Litterati Community Is Cleaning The Earth & Creating Smarter Impact Through Data


Load forecasts, personal Pollen Diary and Infos for allergic Users.