Chord Analyser is an interactive and reverse chord finder.

If you don't know a chord on a score, or if you are looking for the best notation for a composition, or if you are looking for an original position for a chord on the guitar (or on another stringed instrument), then Chord Analyzer is for you.

Chord Analyzer offers a bridge between stringed instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, etc.), the piano and chord notation in American notation.

Press the keys of the piano or the frets of the guitar, and the application will recognize the chord and indicate its most appropriate notation. Also choose a chord from the dictionary to know all the positions that can be played on the guitar or banjo.

Thanks to a powerful algorithm, the application does not limit itself to known positions and offers many more suggestions than the classic chord dictionaries. Listen to them, play them, modify them directly on the application and make the best choice for your compositions or your interpretations!

In the full version, the application offers to extend this intelligent and interactive chord dictionary system to more exotic instruments (7-string guitar, Ukulele, mandolin, banjo, violin...) and above all... works with open tunings! Don't be afraid to re-tune your instruments because you won't be able to find the positions for all your chords quickly.

Also enjoy a piano to guitar interface to exchange efficiently between guitarists and pianists on original or complex chords.

Features :

- Easy to use application
- Over 2,500 recognized chords, from the most simple to the most complex
- Chord detection for Piano, Guitar & Banjo in all positions and inversions
- Complete Dictionnary for Piano, Guitar & Banjo
- Algorithmically calculated chord positions for Guitar and Banjo
- Sheet music transcription
- "Smart" detection of the most appropriate chord notation
- Real-time audio transcription of chords
- Figured bass management
- No ads

Available in full version :

- Piano to Guitar interface
- More instruments : 7 strings guitar, Ukulele, 5 Strings Banjo, Violin, Mandolin, etc.
- Open tuning

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Chord analyser] will allow you to better understand the notation of chords in American notation and to enrich your playing.
From version Chord Analyser (Chord Finder) 2.47.6:

new Android systems compatibility release

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