Chinese-Japanese translation is a translation software that supports Chinese and Japanese. The software interface is beautiful and easy to use.
In daily life, this software can be used to communicate with Japanese-speaking countries or Chinese.
The software supports Japanese translation and Chinese translation, and the online translation speed is fast.
For friends who travel abroad, the software has commonly used Japanese and commonly used Chinese functions, including everyday language.
Traffic language, accommodation terms, dining terms, shopping terms, travel terms, other terms, etc. by
These everyday words, travel abroad can be accessible to Japanese or Chinese people, and the statements support
Chinese and Japanese voice playback, support for copying these everyday language. By learning these Japanese spoken and spoken Chinese,
You can improve your Japanese and Chinese skills.

The main function:
Chinese-Japanese translation: support Chinese translation into Japanese and Japanese translation into Chinese
Dialogue mode: support Chinese and Japanese translation
Voice playback: support Chinese and Japanese voice playback
Voice input: support Chinese and Japanese voice input (requires mobile phone support TTS)
Share: Support text copying and sharing
Multiple themes: Support for 10 different color theme modes
From version Chinese-Japanese Translation 1.0.17:


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The structure of Chinese characters is beautiful. First, understand the structure of the characters from the explanation of the text, try to integrate the relevant structure of the characters, and extensively refer to the explanations of various calligraphy books and classics, so that you can learn quickly and penetrate the ancient and modern characters.

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