Chinese dictionary is a dictionary software that can query Chinese characters. The software interface is simple and beautiful, and easy to use.
The supported features are as follows:
1: Contained nearly 20,000 Chinese characters
2: There are explanations and usages of each Chinese character
3: You can play the pronunciation of each Chinese character by voice.
4: Support Chinese characters and pinyin search related Chinese characters
5: Support the display of related Chinese characters according to the number of pinyin and strokes
6: Support offline query
From version Chinese Dictionary | Xinhua Dictionary 1.0.11:

1: Update google billing version.

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The structure of Chinese characters is beautiful. First, understand the structure of the characters from the explanation of the text, try to integrate the relevant structure of the characters, and extensively refer to the explanations of various calligraphy books and classics, so that you can learn quickly and penetrate the ancient and modern characters.

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