Chemistry e theories and formulas is an innovative app develope by Harshjeet expo. This app provides knowledge about Chemistry on Android app in a fast and easy user interface.
In this chemistry app contains all chemistry Formula , equation and reaction mechanism required For Intermediate Student.
It covers all the aspects of Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry
This App is Extremely Useful for the students studying in Science Class 11 and 12 also for those who preparing for the competitive exam like JEE main, JEE Advance, BITSAT, MHTCET, EAMCET, KCET , UPSEE, WBJEE, VITEEE , NEET, AIIMS, AFMC, CPMT and all other Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam.
In this app we study about following topics : basic concept of chemistry, structure of atom, state of matter, chemical bonding and molecular structure, thermodynamics, classification of periodicity and elements, organic chemistry, hydrocarbon, hydrogen bonding, redox reaction, s block element, p block element, environmental chemistry, importance and scope of chemistry, nature of matter, atomic theory, atomic mass and molecular mass, laws of chemical combination, stoichiometry and stoichiometric calculation, isotope, solid, liquid and gases states, fundamental of chemical bonding, covalent compound, bond parameters, hydrogen bonding, iconic compound, atomic radius, historical development of periodic table, modern periodic table, metallic and non metallic character, field effect in organic chemistry, organic chemistry and nomenclature.
We Hope this chemistry app helps you to enhance your knowledge.
From version Chemistry e theories 0.23:

Learn Chemistry in easy n free way.
Quiz and Pro version available.

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