This is a software that includes famous Chinese ancient and contemporary, as well as foreign celebrities. Through these famous sayings, we can learn a lot of knowledge and enrich our experience.

The software functions are as follows:
1: As many as 3000 famous quotes from ancient and modern Chinese and foreign celebrities
2: Support copying famous sayings
3: Support voice playback of celebrity quotes
4: Support sharing famous quotes


读典籍 - 按句文白对照、交互式注释读懂典籍

Reading Classics App is an ancient text reader designed to transform the ancient text reading experience using the interactive features of electronic devices and artificial intelligence algorithms. No ads, free for ancient book lovers.


語錄迷 - 每日金句,激勵人心,助您成長

"Quotations fans", a short text community that helps you touch your heart and enhance your cognition.


This is a rescue literary degeneration of ancient poetry APP, to help you learn ancient poetry.



古诗词名句赏析 - 简体中文版



Appreciation classic poem, relive the charm of the treasures of ancient Chinese literature, ancient literature of profound feeling!


A large number of "specific Japanese conversation scenes" are introduced, and the "regular grammar used in on-site communication" is detailed, so that learners can learn "functional and practical Japanese for daily life" through "virtual experience of living in Japan"!




Ultra Pro full Chinese idiom dictionary free offline use Traditional Chinese

50音起源 - 日语五十音单词学习

Learn Japanese syllabary and words from the beginning


Shuangwen novel, home for new readers! I can't finish reading a large number of novels, it's really cool to browse quickly! The page is fresh and free of ads, free for a limited time and no worries! Shuangwen novels, give you a whole new world of novels.




I like to read a collection of popular novels and e-books, and have everything you need for romantic urban fantasy fairy-xia novels. A true book of novels, a book-chasing artifact not to be missed.


See what you want to see, the whole network of novel resources is exhausted


Thank Grace morality, good books, completely free, and the content is not embedded in any advertising!


"New Era Japanese-Chinese Dictionary" has a very rich database, with real-time query function in both Chinese and Japanese languages. It contains more than 66,000 words. The example sentences of each vocabulary are perfectly presented after being reviewed by experts. False foreign requests without self-taught.


Choose the right method, and the kana syllabary can be easily learned! Using the memorizing formulas and associations of the source, shape and sound of the word, with the writing function, beginners can easily remember 50 sounds!