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🧊 — Slide across rooms as an ice block, float like a cloud, hookshot around with your tail, and utilize a bunch of other abilities!
🗺️ — Explore 120 different rooms.
📖 — Experience the story and find out how and why the world came to be.
🖊️ — Create your own rooms with the included editor!

Cats are Liquid - A Better Place is a 2D platformer about a liquid cat and her friends.

Play as the cat, in a place created just for you and your friends. You get to go on a nice adventure with them where nothing goes wrong and everything is perfect, as long as your friends stay there, right by your side.

This game contains dark story elements, including strong feelings of abandonment and detachment from reality. This game is not for children.
From version Cats are Liquid - A Better Place 1.2.4:

- The item data editor scrollbar is now larger.

- Fixed pressing "restart" on the pause menu not closing the pause menu. (Thanks, Niko and Spike!)
- Fixed ice block not checking if there's walls nearby before being spawned.
- Fixed room editor memory usage for utility meshes.
- Fixed importing packs and setting a pack preview image in the editor not working in Android 11. (Thanks, Yatsu!)
- Other fixes.