Want to write good handwriting? Want to practice calligraphy on your phone?
Calligrapher is a Chinese character practice application. Through this application, your smartphone instantly transforms into a variety of copybooks for you to practice writing anytime, anywhere.
You can choose any font you like to display on the phone screen, and then use a capacitive pen or finger to copy it on the face, just like practicing calligraphy on a calligraphy copybook.
You can freely adjust the font, color, size, and brush color and thickness of the copybook to suit your preferences.
When encountering a word that you don’t know, you can also browse the dictionary definition, look up pinyin and write stroke order.
As long as you persevere, writing beautiful and good words is not a dream!

The software functions are as follows:
1: Support 9 different types of font modes
2: Animation of writing sequence of words and strokes
3: Support custom words and sentences
4: Display the pinyin of each word
5: Standard writing of each word
6: Support saving handwritten characters
7: Handwriting board mode, support handwriting or drawing
8: Supports writing in different colors
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