RUNZI is a full featured running tracker uniquely focused on running cadence

You will not achieve your running goals if you get injured from your workouts!

There are two things you can do immediately that may help you avoid injury.


Most runner's cadence is too low, causing unnecessary effort and impact. RUNZI is a running cadence tracker and provides a running metronome to keep you focused on what matters.


As you increase running distance or speed, you are also increasing cumulative impact on your joints. RUNZI is a running impact tracker and provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cumulative impact analysis.

Please visit the website for more important information on proper training with RUNZI.

- running cadence tracker
- running impact tracker
- running distance tracker
- running duration tracker
- running pace tracker
- steps tracker
- running metronome
- automatic splits at set time or distance intervals
- spoken running metrics at splits
- tracking is automatically paused when not running
- maps in case you get lost

- view run summary, splits, and maps
- animated playback of your run on the map
- graph of cadence and impact
- daily, weekly, monthly and yearly summary of all metrics
- export all run data
- Make a donation and get...
.....running symmetry and worst mi/km
.....filter out low cadence steps
.....Export to other running tracker platforms or GPX file to Dropbox or Email

- no login or account setups, just go run
- all analysis on your phone right when you are done
- treadmill mode
- indoor track mode
- works in parallel with other running distance tracker apps

RUNZI is perfect for chi running and barefoot running
From version Cadence Running Tracker 2.14:

Minor fixes

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