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The customized celular launcher, wonderful themes app, minimal power consumption, speedy cool phone searches and UI customized , it protects your privacy by hide apps and offering the ultimate customized theme DIY experience &customized for your phone by customized themes for android free and wallpapers with HD resolution for android every day ! All this makes this free launcher app for Android different from the other free launcher apps for android mobile phone !

✔beneficial interaction: mobile Phone FREE new launcher for android that improves your interface with customized themes for Android free and wallpapers in every single detail.
✔Safe: The best launcher for android free protects your privacy and DIY phone theme from third parties.

✔customized! Easily to find what you need and speedy customized what you like from this themes app , with the keen contact! Find, download, & uninstall apps all from the search bar and theme store.

✔Hide apps & protect your privacy with a stretching gesture that locks your apps;

✔Application unread notification count.
✔App drawer: automatic folder automatically organizes your apps based on functions.
✔Widget launch center: automatic widgets interface like fast cleaner, weather clocker, news, search bar, etc.

- Use this themes launcher to customized the interface of your phone for totally free .Thousands of categorized tema, wallpapers and icon packs, including free themes launcher for galaxy, android 6.0, windows 7 style screen, etc.
- Can’t find your favorite Android free themes? Customize it yourself by using DIY feature! Combine wallpapers and icons with only 3 steps and share them with your friends!
- Add 3D effects and make your screen interaction to be more customized and customizable;
- Translucent screen effects;
- And more! 3D wallpaper and live wallpaper are waiting for you in the theme store. Follow our updates!

☞Why you must to try this free theme launcher for android 2020!
- Being a themer, we have thousands of free themes and wallpapers for android, like for android 6.0, windows 7, marshmallow, etc.
-They have been tested and are compatible with 99% of the major Android devices such as Galaxy and REDMI.
- You can be a designer and customized yourself theme by using DIY Themer;
- Customize your home screen, make your mobile menu automatic even more customized, than you can do with other apps.
- Share your art with friends, DIY phone theme together!
- This phone carefree launcher for android2019will help you to know more about yourphone , power, storage for its better customization.

You have tried many “best launcher 2020 for android”, but still not satisfied? Just give one chance to C Launcher, and you will love it! Customize your mobile right now! It's available for Android 4.4+,Galaxy,REDMI.

1. How to hide and unhide laucher apps?
Stretch out with two fingers on screens. For the first time, go Setting menu > Password Setting > tap + to choose apps to be hidden.
2. How to find my hidden apps?
Stretch out with two fingers & enter password.
3. How to find Settings menu and more customization?
Swipe up on screens.
4. How to enable locker of this launch app?
Swipe up on main screen > Preferences > Locker > Open Lock Screen
5. How to change wallpapers for Android?
Swipe up on main screen and go Change Wallpapers / Tema
6. How to access app drawer menus?
Go to app menu > Swipe up on the screen > Organize your apps
7. How to use free themes for Android?
Click DIY Theme > Choose wallpaper > Choose icons > Package theme. It's the simplicity itself!
8. Why it’s one of the best launcher apps for android phone 2020?
Try it, and you’ll know the answer!
From version C launcher:DIY themes,hide 3.11.59:

fix some bugs

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