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BUCHI Monitor App offers live view of all Rotavapor® in conjunction with the Interface I-300 or I-300 Pro and all Lyovapor™ instruments. The BUCHI Connect Solution allows communication between multiple smart phones with multiple instruments.
• Live view of set and actual parameters such as temperature (heating and cooling) and pressure
• Push notifications when the process is finished or in case of an unexpected event
• Graphical representation of the progression of process
• Availability of all connected instruments in the status overview
• Diagnosis features for possible remote maintenance and servicing
• Additional language and unit settings independent of settings chosen on instrument.
From version BUCHI Monitor

• Rotavapor® R-300 System overview: the app informs you of your relevant information of the components in your system, for example, serial number, firmware version, working hours, error messages history, etc.
• Firmware Update: quick and effortless firmware updates with the BUCHI Monitor App in combination with the BUCHI Bluetooth® Dongle.
• eSupport: write your request directly from the mobile device or from the Interface, press send and receive support just with one click.

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