View and record results of a system evacuation process using the AccuTools BluVac+ Professional Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth Smart wireless technology. Export results in CSV or PDF format.

The BluVac+ Professional is the most accurate and precise vacuum instrument available today with patented technology that cannot be found anywhere else.
From version BluVac 0.2.28:

Print evacuation reports to the mQ Printer.


Tool performs interactive analysis of 2D structures with speed and simplicity.


DocumentScanner is an app for document scanning.

Zimmatic Irrigation Calculator

The Zimmatic Calculator performs center pivot & lateral irrigation calculations

Tradesman Calc Calculator

Tradesman Calc from Calculated Industries, Inc.

Machinist Calc Pro Calculator

Machinist Calc Pro for Android.

Psychrometric Calc

A simple yet powerful Psychrometric calculator

DeltaV Mobile

Have your operations at your fingertips - virtually anywhere with DeltaV Mobile

BTU Calculator - AC and Heat Pump

Professional tool for heating and cooling sizing - AC/ Heat Pump Calculator

Living Psychrometrics

Offers four different calculations on a psychrometric diagram in a single app


Control your S6evo™ system

3Shape Communicate

Lab/Dentist communication tool

InstElectric Pro - Electricity

Calculation of electrical installations (cables, protections, conduits, etc.)

PV module Pro ☀️ Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Calculation behavior of the photovoltaic module under different conditions

Duct Calc Elite - Ductulator

Air duct calculator designed for heating and air conditioning professionals.

BITZER Electronics Service Tool

This is the App edition of the BITZER Electronics Service Tool Software


Calculation of valve presetting, ErP-calculation, Oventrop product range

GCodePrintr - The 3D Print App

3D printing from your Android device. Control your Reprap,Printrbot,Prusa,..

Hoffmann Machining Calculator


DriveWizard Mobile

With DriveWizard Mobile you can operate your inverter drive from your smartphone

HVAC Calculator Pro

Calculations used in HVAC systems engineering field