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The blues is a vocal and instrumental musical genre based on the use of given notes (blues), the use of blues chord progressions, and a repetitive pattern usually follow a twelve-bar structure. The English term, which literally means 'blue', also takes the meaning of 'sadness'.

Originating in the African American communities of the United States, was developed with the spiritual, song of prayer, work songs, Anglo-Saxon ballads, and field holler.

The use of blues notes and the importance of the question and answer patterns, both music and lyrics are indicative of Western African heritage of this genre.

A characteristic feature of the blues is the extensive use of the "expressive" guitar techniques (bend, vibrato, slide), which later would influence solos styles like rock.

The blues influenced later American and Western popular music in general, becoming part of musical genres such as ragtime, jazz, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, heavy metal, hip-hop, the country music and pop songs.

Melodically, the third diminished and key agreement (called blue notes) of the major scale is used. the technique in which an instrument sounds in response to another (call and response) is also used.

At first, very simple homemade instruments were used. Later, acoustic guitars, piano and harmonica and, finally, many others were used.

That is why we have placed at your disposal a group of stations or radios where you can find all the music house online completely free so you can enjoy all the programming of the AM dials / FM outside your house, going to work or office.

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